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How to Train Your Dragon: How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Peter's Book Of the Year Award, 2016

Hardcover / ISBN-13: 9781444916584

Price: £12.99

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The final book in the series that inspired the How to Train Your Dragon films. In this twelfth adventure, can Hiccup save the dragons?

It is the Doomsday of Yule. At the end of this day, either the humans or the dragons will face extinction. Alvin the Treacherous is about to be crowned the King of the Wilderwest on the island of Tomorrow. His reign of terror will begin with the destruction of dragons everywhere.

The fate of the dragon world lies in the hands of one young boy as he stands on the nearby isle of Hero’s End with nothing to show, but everything to fight for. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third’s Quest is clear. First he must defeat the Dragon Guardians of Tomorrow and prove that he is in fact the rightful king, even though Hiccup has none of the King’s Things and Alvin the Treacherous has all ten of them.

And then he faces his final battle: Hiccup must fight the Dragon Furious and end the Rebellion … ALONE. As Doomsday draws to an end can Hiccup be the Hero of the hour? Will the dragons survive?

How to Train Your Dragon is now a major DreamWorks franchise starring Gerard Butler, Cate Blanchett and Jonah Hill and the TV series, Riders of Berk, can be seen on CBeebies and Cartoon Network.

What's Inside

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PRAISE FOR THE HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON BOOKS: 'Fiercely exciting and laugh-aloud funny, it is as full of joy for children of 7+ who have given up reading as for those who love it.'
Amanda Craig, The Times
CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THE WEEK: This book is great fun and has a Blackadderish sense of humour ... full of the sort of jokes that will make schoolboys snigger.
Nicolette Jones, The Sunday Times
... raucous and slapstick ... liberally illustrated with [Cressida Cowell's] riotous drawings, notes and maps.
The Financial Times
[Cressida Cowell] puts a contemporary spin on the old brains over brawn moral and brings the story to a climax with a thrilling dragon duel. Lots for lots of different readers to enjoy.
Books for Keeps
'a hilarious and gripping adventure, beautifully paced and studded with great dramatic scenes.'
Amanda Craig, Times
Bulging with good jokes, funny drawings and dramatic scenes, it is absolutely wonderful.
Independent on Sunday
'If light amusement is required, Cressida Cowell's How to Break a Dragon's Heart delivers all it promises. There are lots of illustrations and a playfulness with language that will draw in even the most reluctant reader.'
Daily Telegraph
'is not only funny, well written and thrilling, but also wise about what we owe those who love us.'
The Times
'Ahead of the film of the same title due to be released next March, this is a special edition of the first book in the uproarious series about Viking Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Highly original, and full of useful tips for dragon-owners everywhere.'
Woman's Weekly
Top stuff.
Daily Telegraph
Especially good... raises the series to classic status.
Ceaselessly inventive... young readers are lucky to have her. *****
Books For Keeps
Always thrilling, funny and brilliantly illustrated.
Daily Express
By turns hilarious and wise, it's never predictable, brilliantly illustrated and always delightful.
The Times
As gripping and as rousing as ever... as with the best children's literature, these books are about much bigger things: endurance, loyalty, friendship and love. And Cowell's illustrations and visual storytelling enhance the action no end.
The Daily Telegraph
Exciting adventures, great characters and plenty of jokes and funny drawings make Hiccups adventures some of our favourite books.
tBk Mag
Embellished with plenty of the clashing fonts, ink blots and scribbly pencil drawings that make this series of books so unique. How To Betray a Dragon's Hero takes the saga to a completely new level and is an enormously enjoyable read.
Cressida Cowell's 11th and penultimate volume in the phenomenal How to Train Your Dragon series.
Sunday Times
A smart, funny read that will keep children on the edges of their seats.
Daily Express
If you haven't discovered How To Train Your Dragon you are missing out on one of the greatest inventions of modern children's literature.
The Guardian
The penultimate book in the popular series.
The Schools Advertiser
There is a deep humanity to the novel's resolution, which understands that endings are not really endings at all, and that life contains a mixture of the good, the evil and the just plain ordinary. The best children's books make the world magical. As every child looks for Narnia in the back of a wardrobe, so I hope that, for years to come, children will see dragons all around them. How to fight a dragon's fury is a resounding finale, full of fire and smoke, love, honour and old fashioned thrills. It's a triumph.
Philip Womack, The Daily Telegraph
Very funny
Evening Echo (Cork)
Praise for the series: Cressida Cowell's How to Train Your Dragon books fill every spread with scales and fangs and typographical jeux d'esprit
The Independent
I am really sad this series has ended because it's my absolute favourite series. I have enjoyed all of Hiccup's adventures and really wish dragons were real; I would love to go into my garden and discover a Riproarer or maybe a triple-headed Deadly Shadow
The Guardian
Brilliantly written
Woman’s Way
An epic finale
Noah Sanders, aged 10, Northern Scot Midweek Extra
There are some really touching moments alongside rip roaring adventure...I am going to really miss Hiccup's dragon Toothless
South Wales Evening Post
Cowell's How to Train Your Dragon books stand out not only for their humour, excitement, and startlingly vivid descriptive language, but also, more surprisingly, for their profound meditations on complex political, historical, emotional and moral themes. They incite children to reason and to question, and inspire their imagination and inquisitiveness.
Philosophy Now Magazine
Cowell still writes these with pep and inventiveness
The Daily Telegraph
If your child's already a fan they'll devour this in a few hours; if not, cancel all Christmas plans and prepare for some mammoth reading sessions
The School Run
My children's book of the year... [How to Train Your Dragon] has kept a consistent flow of brilliant characters, jokes, stylish writing, illustrations and ideas - and the finale is tremendous. Her geeky, once-despised Viking hero, Hiccup, saves humanity (and dragons) from certain doom in an unpredictable, satisfying way. This series is one of the greatest ever written for those between eight and 12. Buy them all and your holidays will be blessed with perfect peace.
Amanda Craig, The New Statesman
Wihtout question, Cowell has crafted a modern classic. The world she has created, throwing readers back into a time when dragons and humans inhabited the same place, is every bit as consuming and deep as Harry's in Hogwarts ... And so the fight -- part Doctor Who, part biblical epic -- begins.gripping, a worthy end to something very special
The Big Issue
Cressida Cowell won the Philosophy Now prize this year ... it turns out that the adventures of Hiccup, the Heroes and the dragons raise big questions about courage, parent-child relationships, friendship, bullying, what is means to be a boy and particularly, what is truly valuable. This opens with a sock-it-to-'em chapter and builds from there
The Sunday Times
This book is awesome; a truly fitting finale for such an amazing series
The guardian.com
Flaming good
Daily Express
The future is in the hands of a popular hero, Hiccup, who'll make you laugh along the way. Superb illustrations, too.
The story is full of excitement, danger, magic and triumph. This tremendous final adventure for Hiccup and his dragons is unmissable
The Week Junior
[Toothless] is the world's most adorable dragon, and there are probably very few who would argue that
With a story that soars and dips, twists and turns like a dragon's flight path, this is the brilliant final episode in a series that belongs on the bookshelves of every child who loves a turbulent thriller of a take
Daily Record
If your children haven't discovered these brilliant stories yet, they're missing a trick.
Daily Express
Now out in paperback is How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, the 12th and last in the series of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III's hilariously haphazard instruction manuals on how to be a hero the hard way
Evening Echo (Cork)
This is my favourite book ever! It's about different types of dragons, how they behave and how to find them! ... I adore this book so much that I couldn't stop reading it!
The guardian.com
Cowell addresses some big issues in this magical and mysterious tale that is bound to become a modern classic
The Independent