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The first global history of the Normans, who – beyond the conquest of England – came to dominate Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

How did descendants of Viking marauders came to dominate Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East?

It is a tale of ambitious adventures and fierce freebooters, of fortunes made and fortunes lost. The Normans made their influence felt across all of western Europe and the Mediterranean, from the British Isles to North Africa, and Lisbon to the Holy Land. In Empires of the Normans we discover how they combined military might and political savvy with deeply held religious beliefs and a profound sense of their own destiny. For a century and a half, they remade Europe in their own image, and yet their heritage was quickly forgotten – until now.

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From Viking raiders to rulers of the Mediterranean, the Normans dominated and dazzled medieval Europe. In this fascinating, panoramic account, Levi Roach brings an expert eye and page-turning energy to the telling of their extraordinary story
Helen Castor, bestselling author of 'She Wolves'
Narrated with pace, clarity, authority and style, Roach's book is a bracing tour of the world that the Normans made their own
Thomas Williams, bestselling author of 'Viking Britain'
A fresh retelling of the story of the Normans, across all their theatres of operation - academically up-to-the-minute, sound in its judgements, and written with enthusiasm and brio
Marc Morris, bestselling author of 'The Anglo Saxons'
How the Normans shaped the Europe we live in today is a huge and gripping subject, brilliantly illuminated here in all its continent-wide human drama by a masterful historian and story-teller
Peter Stanford
Informed by the latest research, Roach reveals the history of the Norman conquests - from England to the Holy Land - in a pacy and character-driven account of a people who defined an era
Sophie Ambler
By telling the story from their perspective and following them wherever they went . . . Mr Roach gives a powerful account of how prowess in combat, shrewd alliance-building, low cunning and sheer chutzpah let them punch above their numerical weight
The Economist
Roach's writing is clear, concise and open to any reader willing to learn more . . . After drinking from Roach's refreshing Norman cider cup . . . they will learn much and travel far
Literary Review