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Paperback / ISBN-13: 9781444107449

Price: £9.99

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A flexible guide that will add ten happy and healthy years to your life

This book is designed as a ten-step guide that will add ten (healthy, happy) years to your life. It offers sound advice on health and fitness issues, and will cover diet and relaxation, in addition to such emotional issues as happiness, love and spirituality.

It is all based, not on guru driven theories of bizarre diets or exercise routines, but on common sense and positive thinking, twinned with information that is both practical and supported widely by the scientific and medical communities. The tone is positive and encouraging throughout; there are also plenty of opportunities for you to interact with the book through features such as quizzes, self-test boxes and exercises.

Help Yourself to Live Longer

Chapter 1: Why we age

The gene theory of ageing
The free radical theory of ageing
Making the most of this book

Chapter 2: Food
How some foods fight ageing
An a-z of longevity wonderfoods
Crash diets
Restrict calories, live longer
The live-longer meal planner

Chapter 3: Supplements
The great supplement debate
Combining vitamin and mineral supplements

Chapter 4: Exercise
Up to ten more years
How exercise makes you feel more happier
How fit are you?
Exercising for fitness
Do what you enjoy
Exercising for strength
Exercising for flexibility
Devising a weekly program for fitness, strength and flexibility

Chapter 5: Your brain
How your brain works
Physical activity
Avoiding stress
Avoiding neurotoxicants
Avoiding head injury
Mental activity
Increasing your brain power

Chapter 6: Relaxation

The slow movement
Good and bad stress
Relaxation techniques
Give yourself some cognitive self-therapy
Muscular relaxation
Laughter – the stress breaker

Chapter 7: Happiness
Be grateful
Getting rid of negative thoughts
How negative emotions can poison you
Applying the lessons to your past
Enough money for a happy future?

Chapter 8: Prudence
Avoiding cancer
Smoking – please stop
Avoid head injury
Is it worth having medical check-ups
Body scans

Chapter 9: Love
That special someone
Love is the food of health
More love, less stress
Improving your relationship
If your partner has died
Relatives and friends
How well connected are you?

Chapter 10: Sex
The normal developments of ageing
Managing the effects of ageing
Men’s problems
Women’s problems
A lifetime of sex with the same partner

Chapter 11: Spirituality
Gratitude and acceptance
Coping skills
Giving life a point
Choosing what to believe
How to be more spiritual if you don’t believe in God
Developing spirituality

Learn effortlessly with a new easy-to-read page design and added features:

– Personal insights, tips, and summaries throughout the book
– Extension articles online
– 1, 5 and 10-minute bites of learning to get you started
– Designed for readers of all ages, backgrounds and abilities
– Lots of interactive exercises and sample tips

What's Inside

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